Raptor Coating


Protect 4×4 Surfaces & Parts

If you are looking to protect the load and surface areas of your off-road vehicle then we have a super robust solution. PB Customs offers a service to apply a durable urethane coating called Raptor to pickup beds and van interiors, in fact any surface of your 4×4 that needs restoration or hard wearing protection from the elements.

The Raptor treatment provides a super-tough coating to metal or wood surfaces which are strong, durable and water resistant. The result brings back worn surfaces to pristine condition and also has the benefit of coating against rust, corrosion and moisture whilst leaving a scratch and stain-proof finish.

The PB Customs Raptor coating application process involves a thorough clean and surface preparation of the 4×4 vehicle before applying primer and then spraying on the Raptor coating. The result is to give your 4×4 a super tough finish where applied.

The Raptor Coating Process

Applying Raptor Coating

Raptor Coating Applications

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