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Noisy Off-Roaders

Some 4×4 vehicles can be excessively noisy on or off road and as a result make the cabin an uncomfortable place to be. Land Rovers and Toyotas’ for example are well known for their noisy ride qualities, however PB Customs offers a bespoke sound deadening service on all makes of off road vehicles.

Excessive cabin sound is caused in the main by the vibrating of panels on the vehicle which stems from engine vibrations along with tyre and road movement. Each vehicle may be different however our 4×4 sound deadening technique generally involves stopping the vibrations by first fitting specially designed vibration absorbing mats to the body panels and floor and then adding layers of sound absorbent foam and vinyl.

Sound Deadening Benefits

Sound deadening not only decreases the volume levels inside the vehicle, it also has thermal properties which will make your vehicle both cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months as the product will dissipate the heat and provide another barrier against the cold, which again makes your vehicle a far more comfortable place to be.

Skinz Sound Deadening

One of the vehicle noise reduction solutions we offer is Skinz, a highly efficient, composite material designed to reduce noise, vibration and heat soak through panel work. It is made with 3mm of butyl rubber with a thick aluminium foil layer and a self adhesive backing. The vibration and noise dampening qualities will make your off-road vehicle feel solid and create a luxury car feel, doors close with a reassuring clunk and no tinny rattles. Road noise is also considerably reduced so motorway driving is a far more relaxed experience.

A Vehicle fully installed can decrease the volume inside the cabin by up to 12 decibels and when you consider (to the human ear) a decrease in 6-9 decibels is 50% quieter, with a relatively small outlay, you can make a vast improvement on your driving experience.

Noise Reduction & Deadening Work

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