Dinitrol Wax Treatment

Underbody Protection

Dinitrol Wax Treatment for your 4×4

What is DINITROL® ?

Over the last 70 years DINITROL® have perfected vehicle corrosion applications. The DINITROL® range is commonly used in vehicle rust treatment and assisting in converting rust found on substrates into a more stable organic iron complex to prevent further corrosion occurring.

DINITROL® is one of the leading worldwide operating suppliers of systems for corrosion prevention. The high quality customised products have helped the brand to develop a very strong market position globally.

Why rust proof?

Most people purchase 4×4 vehicles due to their reliability to perform in harsh weather conditions whilst exposed to rugged terrain. The raised chassis design incorporated with these vehicles is great for driving around rural areas and rugged ground that is frequently flooded with rain water.  However, many 4×4 off-road vehicle owners are not fully aware of the damage caused to the underbody over time by road debris, stone chips, dirt deposits and surface water that can quickly lead to rusting if not treated or repaired.

Rust proofing your 4×4 off-road vehicle

PB Customs support DINITROL® in believing that investing in their rust proofing and underbody chassis coating treatments will increase the longevity of your vehicle whilst ensuring it retains the best resale value. By applying OEM approved automotive DINITROL® corrosion protection coatings to your 4×4 off-road vehicle, with scheduled yearly inspection and top-up treatments, it will prevent rusting.

The treatment takes a full week and involves (but not exclusive to) the following:

  • Full clean of underside of vehicle
  • Assessment of underside
  • Masking whole vehicle
  • Descale completed
  • Rust killer applied
  • Dinitrol applied and left to cure
  • Re-assembly of vehicle
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