Custom Builds


Custom Builds

At PB Customs we love to innovate, push the possibilities of what is possible with off-road vehicles and to get involved in the weird and wonderful. We welcome the challenge, no matter how far-fetched or extreme your custom ideas!

Our Custom Build Approach

If you are the type of person that requires something a little different, then PB Customs are here to help you push the envelope and innovate. We will deliver a custom off-road vehicle to you that is truly individual.

From start to finish we build the vehicle to your exact requirements, modifying or fabricating bespoke items. This approach, as opposed to using mainly bolt on, off-the-shelf accessories ensures that your vehicle will be truly unique.

Fully customised builds require innovative design knowledge, experience and solid research. Luckily for you PB Customs has all of these qualities and loves to get involved with 4×4 challenges and the weird and wonderful.

Fabrication for Custom Off-Roaders

PB Customs can individually design, innovate and fabricate extreme 4×4′s to the highest standards in our workshop located near to Peterborough in the UK.

Custom Build Examples

Recent Projects

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