Underbody Protection


There are two main types of underbody protection that PB Customs offers to enhance off road vehicles; Plating to protect the vehicle from obstacles as well as Sealing and Rust Proofing.

Guards & Skid Plates

Added protection is often required for off road vehicles that are likely to experience extreme uneven conditions or are put through their paces well off the beaten track. Driving your 4×4 over boulders, rocks, logs, ruts and crevices can easily break key mechanical components which not only leave you stranded but also give you a hefty repair bill.

PB Customs can advise the most appropriate form of plates, guards and grilles to protect against damage to exposed underbody components. These may include:

  • Differential Covers & Guards
  • Protection Steps
  • Rock Sliders
  • Sump Guards
  • Fuel Tank Skids
  • Engine & Gearbox Plates
  • Fuel Tank Skid Plates

Rival Armour Kits

PB Customs is able to spec and supply a range of kits from Rival, a Russian based supplier who have a growing following through out Europe. We are able to fits underbody armour kits on almost any 4×4 vehicle.

The metal used to make these kits is usually aluminium rather than steel, so as well as being strong the Rival plates are light in weight and resistant to rusting.

View the full brochure here > Rival Armour Kits Brochure <

Fitting Guards & Plates

Underbody Armour Kits from Rival

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