Mercedes Sprinter Overland Transformation

Mercedes Sprinter undergoing overland transformation

Mercedes Sprinter Overland Transformation

Mercedes Sprinter undergoing overland transformation

A company contacted us to assist in their overland build requiring a upgraded suspension and a discrete winch for the global travel it would be undertaking. PB Customs assisted with the Mercedes Sprinter overland transformation in various phases.


Australian Overland Land Rover Prep

Land Rover 110 ROW Spec Tdci Defender Prepared for Aussie Overland Trip

We were given a project with a low mileage ROW ( Rest of world ) spec lhd Land Rover that the customer wished to overland across Australia and then home through the adjoining countries to the UK.

The key was keep the build to “functional – rather than all the bells and whistles” on this one. This vehicle will be in a few more times for next phases before the off.

Mitsubishi Shogun for Export to Kenya

Taking a standard Mitsubishi Shogun and preparing it for Africa

A low mileage Mitsubishi shogun came to us as totally standard and required a variety of improvements prior to being exported to Kenya. A key requirement of the brief was to improve upon the vehicle but keep it minimal.

Mitsubishi L200 Africa Trip Preparation

African Overland Trip Preparation for a Mitsubishi L200

This customer had already owned multiple off-road vehicles but was looking for a subtle “discreet look” spec’d vehicle for their overland Africa expedition, and future travels.

Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Overland Conversion

Landcruiser 100 Series Overland Conversion & Preparation
A Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series required to be rebuilt for global travel after originally coming into PB Customs with a failed standard hydraulic suspension and poor underseal job performed elsewhere. The vehicle was repaired and then modified to a demanding overland specification. This project included work on: the suspension upgrades, body repair and protective coatings, body plates, winch bumper and tent installation.

Land Cruiser 100 Overland Conversion

Standard vehicle build over many phases for global travel
This Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series visited the PB Customs at regular intervals as we prepared it for global overland specification from an original standard vehicle. Work included the following: Bush upgrades, improved shocks, installation of onboard shower, extended fuel and water tanks, extra cabling, roof rack and tent installation, snorkel fit, ARB diffs, underbody coatings, split battery and an ARB winch system. Over many phases the Landcruiser was converted and made ready for global travel.

Landrover 110 Defender Trip Preparation

Project to prepare a Landrover 110 for a trip to Canada

The customer bought in this vehicle as seen with the idea of global travel. We found various faults which were fixed as well as preparing vehicle for overland travel.

Full rewire of all electrics, snorkel and all pipework waterproofed , service and renewal of any and all defective components. An Ibs split charge battery system was fitted as well as sound deaden and an audio upgrade. Finally we changed out the tent for new larger James Barude tent. All done and ready for overland travel in Canada.


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