4×4 Rust Protection & Coatings


Rust Inhibitor & Wax Coating

By performing underbody chassis corrosion protection and applying a rust proofing treatment, you will ensure that your off-road vehicle is prepared for any environment even some of the very harsh environments found on overland trips.

With a treatment from PB Customs you can be assured that when driving your 4×4 in rural areas and across rugged ground with poor drainage, perhaps flooded with rain water, that you are totally protected. The value of protecting your vehicle in the longer term from road debris, stone chips and dirt deposits can really pay off too by preventing rust and corrosion.

The Four Steps to Treat Your 4×4

  1. Surface rust deposits are completely removed by hand and by blasting.
  2. Specialist rust convertor & primer is applied to turn any rust on the vehicle into a stable organic iron complex.
  3. The wax coating is applied to the off-road vehicle such as the underbody, vehicle chassis, box sections, door pillars and sills as well as inside any vehicle panel cavity areas.
  4. An underbody sealant is applied to protect against stone chips, surface rain water and ingress. This glossy black sealant also has excellent sound deadening properties.

Rust Proofing with Dinitrol

To prevent corrosion and provide maximum protection of your off-road vehicle in extreme elements, PB Customs offers a rust proofing & sealing service using the market leading protection coating products from Dinitrol.

This complex process involves a thorough clean and preparation of the 4×4 vehicle underbody before applying the chosen protection coating system.

PB Customs is an official Approved Dinitrol Specialist Centre

Dinitrol in action

Stages of a Rust Proofing Job

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